Saturday, November 5, 2011

Writerly Fear??

As I sit here and think about the multiple WIP that I have stored on my hard drive right now, I wonder why none of them are finished. Why haven't I polished any of them up and gotten them out before the readers? Is it because I don't think the story line is good enough? Is it because I don't think I can write well enough? Then I come back around and think to myself, what is wrong with me and my writing style? Through reflection on all of these questions I have come to realize the real "roadblock" is FEAR!!

FEAR of my heartfelt, wrung out of my body stories NOT being good enough to make it in the writing world.

FEAR that even though I read voraciously of other authors (and some of them are NOT good writers) that I will be even worse than the worst of the ones that I've read!!

FEAR has had a stranglehold on me at the throat for many least when it comes to writing fiction. Oh...I always second-guess my non-fiction writing as well....but I know it is factual and I have have a good academic writing not really any worries there. But....writing the fun know....that fiction that allows others to transport themselves to other worlds and times....well that is where my FEAR steps in and grabs hold.

So here's the deal.....I decided this year that I would join up with the NaNoWriMo month and pound out that know ACTUALLY get one finished. Then starting in January begin to edit and polish.....and actually get some feedback on it from....NO...not family and close friends....I want REAL feedback and I don't really think any of them would give it to me straight...I think they would just polish it up and tell me it was good...that is NOT what I'm wanting. So, none of them will be allowed to even see it until I've had an impartial party or parties to examine it thoroughly.

What I want to know is how do you get past the fear of writing and putting yourself out there to possibly be ripped to shreds. I know the "ripping" isn't personal....I do! But, these words in all these chapters...well they are my babies and I really hate to see them in danger....ok...guess I should quit personifying my words but after sweating over is you know that too!!

Please leave me a comment...telling me if you had this fear or a similar one....and how you got past it. I really need to know. Also...would you please join my website by using the Google friend connect button on the right?? I would really appreciate the follow!!

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